Today's 50-year-old woman looks very different from a 50-year-old woman of 30 years ago.

So what has changed? At Empress we are keeping up to date with the latest fashion trends.

Back then most would have been wearing tweed skirts and looking forward to retirement.

Today, that 50-year-old sitting next to you at the dinner party is probably the most interesting person in the room. She knows her strengths and is dressing to please herself. She is most likely working in a professional career.

She is comfortable with herself and what she wears. She definitely does not follow flighty fashion trends instead opting for classic, tailored pieces which are always flattering. She prefers to stay away from the clinging thin jerseys which can be unforgiving.

She knows, too, that shoes are often the key to a great outfit. Again classic and elegant accessories are always flattering.

At Empress our mission is to embrace the classic style while remaining contemporary. We are always in search of unique classic pieces for you to enjoy.